Windfall reaction time!

The reaction time on windfall needs to be updated at this current point even if the enemy is using direct attacks especially fast assaults even if you react the dodge ability cannot keep up and returns to block. Due to connection issues I've seen it's even harder to get the timing down due to lag or latency issues which should be addressed but ideally you should be able to dodge an attack no matter how fast if you know where and when it's coming!


  • I notice the same with parry. Even if I know whats coming, the ability cant be enacted fast enough against high-pressure decks
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    Think this might be related to how you have to lower block before the actual defensive initiates, a built in delay, and the slight pause blocking gives you against incoming attacks being extended. It's very noticable against feints where your character pauses as if they were bracing for an incoming attack, even though the opponent already feinted the attack. All of which are exaggerated by latency effecting hitbox registration.

    The game prioritizing client data of the attacker also causes parry, absorb, and evasion frames to be ignored or displaced. The client hit registration also leads to heat seeking jabs alongside a list of other issues.
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