Let us lock Invitations Mode on and an HUD OFF option!

I'm level 60, Combat Trials Level 20 and already have 30 hours on this game easily. One thing that would really make it easier to play is the ability to lock the game into Invitations Mode, because sometimes I want to go into the environment (which is very nice btw) and just grind some techniques. Sword techniques are hard to learn, for example, so I wish I could go out and learn them interruption AND LAG-free.

Some other options that would be really nice would be an Equipment Sorting function, the ability to turn the HUD off so we can appreciate the environments, (I'm also afraid of the HUD getting burned into my TV) and the ability to re-allocate our skill points. The game doesn't really explain how to use skill points properly so I ended up placing them in slots that might not be the best place for them.
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