Auction House and equipments

Hello everybody !
I'm very excited about this game, it has a lot of potential, a lot !!

I hope the developpers will add some stuff , what do you think :

-An Auction House ? where we can trade / buy / sell objects
- more equipments , and different style (really different)
- Different mob
- more pnj with their own goals
- different quests
- Some dungeons

I know it's only the launch of the game, we have to give time to it.

See you online !!


  • Hi leio. Yeah, more variation in content is certainly welcome. But an auction house? Absolutely not. Remember D3. Dreadful idea. Even if it was properly implemented, without any real money crap, I still prefer finding the loot myself.
  • Yeah I don't think the game would benefit from an auction house at all, i would like to see some more equipment though for sure
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