Share your deck building ideas

Copying pasting a deck is not creative. However, each and every deck have their own ideas. A good deck is a deck which has reliable damage, surprising counter attacks and bamboozle values.

I'm creating this topic so we all can share our thoughts and ideas on what a good deck is and how to create one.

So these are my ideas:

1. Alternative attacks are crucial. You have this combo 1 -> 2 -> 3 where 3 is a devastating but slow and direct attack. When people have read your moves, they will dodge on the 3rd strike and begin their attack. To counter this, assign a alternative move. What's the better way to catch a dodger by an AOE attack. The next time your opponent see your combo, in the third move, they will have a choice: to dodge or to block. This is just a simple example of my idea: Keep your opponent guessing, be unpredictable.

2. Similar moves. Some moves in the game have similar animation such as Pushed elbow and Spin elbow. Although it can be distinguish, in the heat of battle, it's very hard to do so. With each move, your opponent can guess your next move: either a combo or an alternative. However, if you have 2 similar moves, There are FOUR possible outcomes. The idea is like the first one: keep your opponent thinking. If they're busy thinking about your moves, they can't think about theirs.

3. Counter attacking. Some moves have dodge value like "Jumping attack", "Ducking attack" or "Strafing attack". When your opponent spam a high attack, Ducking attack will turn the tide if you time it right: You dodge the attack AND turn yourself into the attacker. Same thing for the others.
Some moves have "Parrying attack". I haven't successfully perform these moves. I don't know how these moves work so if anyone know please tell me.

4. Variety. To be able to survive, Every attacking properties are needed. You'll need breaking attack to counter a turtling Kahlt. You need a a stopping attack to stop the charged attack. Adapting is the idea. Make sure you have as many answers as possible for your opponents' attack.

That's all for today. Please feel free to add your opinions and suggestion on how to build a good deck.


  • I wanna emphasize your point 3. Khalt has a hard time delaing with fast horizontal chains. Techs (attacks with built-in defenses are a must!
  • Variety is definitely important. I was neglecting moves that avoid lows and one particular fight punished me quite hard for that.

    I would also add that you should keep your eye on the range. Some moves might be a little bit slower but the range really helps. Stagger style has some pretty good long range punches.
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