Stunlock final boss; All move sets so far

Farming for the new exp is not easy. The final boss gives 26k exp, which is multiple level ups. I think this is, or would be a decent reward considering the difficulty... however... there are some combos that work on any Npc that are now a danger as they don't allow the npc to do anything during the combo. I can't find anyway to send private messages, but here's the move spam the npc can't fight against: (you can use them if you want, but it makes me feel like cheating scum ':d)

1: falcon punch. Yes, that's literally it. Bot tested recently.
2: Elbow stumble,side kick. Revealed originally by AllSeeingEmpire.
3: Drunk cane, low spin heel.

I hope these are fixed soon, I'm guessing there are many more for two of these were found by accident. I recommend the devs delete this message and note any down they don't currently have.


  • You just need to get used to Risryn's attack sequence. If you attack in a combo set of 3 hits - back off - 3 hits - back off...(or 2 heavy attacks) you can defeat her without getting hit once. It's not cheating, if you're using an attack that was intentionally put in the game.

    Once you get gold chaining and feints down, all the npc's will be nothing.
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    Neg said:

    Once you get gold chaining and feints down, all the npc's will be nothing.

    I'd say most players will be nothing, but it doesn't make this game any better or interesting, now does it? Though can't say I saw many people who use faints, they mostly just use gold chaining to spam you for half a minute and... yeah, that's it.

    Anyway, my point is: I can totally agree with Dimyell, because using such exploits make me feel like cheating scum as well. It's not about winning. I can still win if I want, cuz NPC are not that tough, but what's the point if I simply exploit the holes of the system?
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