Game Mode Suggestions

Without developing new areas or adding large chunks of new content, here's a few suggestions for adding game modes into the systems currently in place. Some of these suggestions may have been added here, previously, in other discussions, or on Reddit.

In Game Tournament
Create a way to enter a recurring in-game mini-tournament for 6-12 players. Everyone fights their first fight, and then can spectate the others until there's a winner. Like CT, have the tournament map be variable, and offer a different belt or other special gear for being the winner of each tournament.

PVE Tower / Survival
A four person challenge that uses the existing tower. Resurrections will be difficult because enemies come in waves, like the coliseum boss. The wave will force people to work together until each wave is completed. Moving up the tower without clearing the wave would be almost impossible, as they come from all directions. The reward for these towers that I would like would be story rewards -- knowing more about who's behind the mines, and have more of the lore explained. New content would consist of a few more cut scenes with existing bosses, who would be much tougher.

Spectator Mode
This one is needed to take people out of the CT grind and would add another coop element.

Ranked Mode
Ranked mode + spectator mode would make CT's a lot more fun and viable past a certain level. The versatility of the combat system is great until you've locked in a style to the point where not much is changing in your deck. Once you reach that, CT's become real easy the majority of the time (with new players getting frustrated) or real hard, with people having perfected their style of play. This is where ranked mode is needed to separate casual CT's from the harder ones. Casual CT's could also have better rewards for just participating, such as unlocking moves without the need to win a fight, which would take away the grind and offer less penalties to new people.

Just a few thoughts -- anyone else have any ideas, or ways to make these better?


  • my thoughts to the list above:

    The Tournament: I dont know if that idea would be very successful. It would probably be difficult to find enough players in the fist place and then have those players stick to the end without leaving the tournament.

    PvE Tower: That idea seems good. The tower was somewhat of a disappointment, you work towards entering the tower and what do you find? Basically nothing, you can just run up without fighting anyone. This seems to be the best location to add some endgame content, which would be better than additional areas if you ask me. If any new areas will be as empty as the areas now then even 10 new areas would barely help.

    Spectator mode: Im not sure if that would add much to the game but maybe its just personal preference. I would rather play myself instead of watching others.

    Ranked mode: I think the game really needs a real ranked mode. 1v1 feels more like quickplay when compared to other games but maybe thats just due to the lack of players.

    Hidden quests: Something like hidden quests might liven up the world. An example would be a rare drop (like a weapon fragment) with a description that suggests there are more fragments around. Gather all fragments, repair the weapon with a high amount of the fragments from salvaging equipment and you get a unique weapon. It would be better if that weapon wouldnt be available through combat trials. That way more people would be running around the world to get this item and more people running around means more opportunities for random pvp.
    Adding unique enemies (like the calbot npc) which have a high chance for better loot would also be good. I spent quite some time to find that calbot npc even though the reward isnt very useful.

    Ingame Achievements: Adding some ingame Achievements (not steam achievements) would probably be nice for certain people. Give them some kind of challenge and reward it with unique masks (or other equipment) or even titles which would be displayed during the player introduction in combat trials.
  • Hey there,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on game mode! I'll be bringing your ideas to the team, however I can't promise that they'll be implemented. Thanks once again!
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    Hey slcp_Kaolin,

    I appreciate reading the responses from the team. Although most seem like cookie cutter posts, it is good knowing that you guys at least read what is on the minds of your customers. I'm on PS4 and love the game and the community for thoughts and suggestions like we have in this post. Some great ideas guys. Keep up the suggestions community and keep the balance/content updates coming Sloclap!
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