Lets face it almost all games have some sort of social group where players can interact with each other in some shape or form. In dark souls it was fight clubs and some groups that went even further by making their own convent called the blood letters. Blood born even has points where you could fight other players in similar fight clubs. For honor has 3 fractions so every player can be beholden to someone etc.

In absolver their really is no need for fight clubs due to premade 1v1, their is little to no chatting in the game and when it happens if one player inviting another to a party leaving another out to dry even. Even if you want to promote the feature of no chatting it does not mesh well with the player base. So I have been thinking of ways for players to get together and the best way I could come up with was just changing the way schools worked.

1st issue with schools is the fact they cannot adapt as time goes on as the whole school needs to be abandoned in order for you to change up the deck. So whats the point in mastering a school to get the deck and moves if the master moves on? Also as the meta changes such rigid schools will only hinders players who join.
1.a. A easy fix is to allow a school to change itself as times goes on. This can be allowed instantly or over times costing some kind of points etc. Points can be earned form yourself and students in team fights or pvp.
2nd issue is that a school is only allowed one deck for their school. This can punish fighters form say a kalt stance or windfall stance and your player base is to small to force them into just one role. Players get bored very fast if their just doing the same thing over and over.
2.a. A fix is to allow a couple of decks in a single school to allow players with different fighting styles to met others etc. If you wanted to make it so players can join up to create schools then you can have a school have say 3 masters? Each master would have his own decks to teach and would allow more balances for the school to team up with 3vs3 and the likes.
3.Another issue(at least for me) is the lack of text in a school. When I look at school now I only look for a few things to see if its worth it(moves,weapon). Most of the time I see no need to even stay in the school....I just join learn the moves with a buddy and leave...If a school was allowed to change you could easily allow some small bits of text to explain its goal.
3.a For example I pull open player ohhh lets say Risa and her school pops up as "Boxers technical school" for its name and a small description at under that would be say *A boxers school designed to outmaneuver incoming attacks" these would let players know what the schools design was. As a school it could slowly change over time with the students and masters working together to change with the meta. Schools could be a all kick school, brute build designed out power their opponent etc. Hell a school designed to make the best sword fighters would be amazing to see.


  • Hey Jeantall,

    Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. We really appreciate such detailed and thought-out feedback. I'll pass your ideas to the team!
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