Low Player Count

Is anyone else worried about the low player count right now? There is only about 100 people playing it on steam, I really enjoy the game and want it to last but I'm worried thtat people will stop playing it. :'(


  • I saw those statistics. Really sad.
  • Many players are waiting on the new update. The game feels quite hollow, even more so now that the player numbers have gone down.
  • Adding a ranked mode, spectator mode, 3x3, more cosmetic customization, and perhaps the promise of more story DLC will boost things. This game is far from dead -- I always find people to fight (on PS4). The main incentive to keep playing right now is the combat system, only, as most game rewards are duplicates, and there are no ways to customize colors or the look. I'll keep playing, because the game is a lot of fun. Until they add loot boxes, then I quit :)
  • I really hope you're right insight.

    I really love this game.
  • I think Absolver will be fine & alot of people will come back once there is more story I feel like people expected too much out of this game. I love this game flaws & all I'm here for the dark times
  • Im although worried about the player count D: .I always try to get more people to it because absolver is my favourite game( and i have played alot games more than 500 hours).
    Maybe a proper matchmaking would get new players into it. Because i know from my friends that just began playing that they are matched against lvl 1000+ fighters like 40% of the time and that its really frustrating.
    Although i hope the pve expansion will get more people to it.
  • I think pve content would bring more opportunity to noobs that just need to train and get a feel for things in adal before getting trashed by a teal or gold pvp spam god.
    More depth to the pve atmosphere would be nice too like som new marked ones or a new area chalk full of new secrets to stumble on
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