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So as my title describe it, my suggestion would be more environments. I guess (I hope ) it is already plan to add more places and regions but my point is about the inside of these maps. I love the way the game looks, the graphisms, the atmosphere, this style etc... I think Absolver possess an amazing palette to work with. Considering this I find it a bit sad that the environments we play in are limited to two three pots and few wooden crates placed here and there. I assume minimalism is part of the game esthetic but without overdoing it I think it would be great to add details and "life" to the places we are going through.
I was stunned by the "library" that we see at the end, the "Reserve of Essence" also got its own atmosphere, but compared to that the rest seems rather blunt.
My suggestion would be to go to the full extent when creating an environment, make us feel that it is more than just a path leading to a boss or another area. Make the Whisperer Camp moldier with maybe brekable planks, moldy wood, more open houses etc... The forest more foresty (is that a word ? let's assume it is) with maybe some living things.
I want to see how the game can show us a bird, I want to see how Absolver paint spaces. how would a cave, a starry night, a beach would look like in this game, with these graphisms


  • I very much agree. World looks beautiful. And after the post-launch chaos settles, and the mechanics are ironed out, I would also really apreciate an immersive day-night cycle and different weather conditions. Fighting in the rain/thunderstorm/mist, how cool would it be? *3*
  • It would be awesome, a rainy mood and thunder would be gorgeous. As a follow up to this, music would be also a good addition, the themes are already great ( remind me of the soundtracks of the game "Bastion" ), there could be some variations of this theme depending of the weather you are fighting in. The only exemple I think of now to compare is the game "Okami" where every regions has its own music theme with different variation depending of the context.
    As for the maps in Absolver, I regret for example that all ennemies are just waiting close to the walls or junction, it looks like the trainers in Pokemon, waiting forever for someone to cross their field of vision. Okay some of them are doing something before starting the battle, but in general they are pretty passive, waiting forever. It would be cool ( and add to this "life" i was talking about) to give them some actions. Waiting around a campfire, having one trying to consolate his compagnon in despair ( for now it's only one holding his head while the other next to him is standing there, dead inside). Until now I remember one ennemy that is sitting on a step in the stairs of the Temple, and a marked ennemy in the Whisperer camp that, when you enter the hut, is bend over the table, reading some stuff with his sword stucked in the table. This kind of behavior is cool, and break with the monotony of ennemies waiting, empty, standing like poles not doing anything.
  • More environments are definitely welcome but can they please optimize the current world. Frame hits are really common on PS4.
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