Arena Fighting Pit.

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Something I would really like to see and something your style of combat could do really well is a proper gladitorial style arena. Not some instance thing where you just queue up to duel someone but a proper arena in the open world. Players can travel from all over and gather here to watch other players fight for items and glory. You already have these massive empty spaces in some zones what if they could be filled with players? I don't know much about the making of games but here is an example of my idea.

Out in your world players might come across a zone called "the pit" this is a huge pile of sand where players fight to the death for other players amusement. For this to work you might have to have two of these pits, one ranked and one non ranked or if you replicate the real life ufc/boxing matches. You could have the ranked arena matches to be scheduled. Below is an example of each mode.

1. Ranked Arena fights - Players sign up and get matched to another player of a equal rank. Maybe they have to sign up and wait for a specific time to fight so that other players can come and place bets and gear on who the winner will be. This could follow maybe a seasonal reward and points system. Maybe just like in real boxing/UFC you have the big pro fighters fight games where the public can go and watch in game. Just like anyone could start at the bottom and fight your way to the master Title. This could provide the game with some extra and even give it some Esports like presence

Obviously you could still have matches where you just queue up and get to fight 1v1 or whatever like we have now. But his could be a really cool player driven thing that is accessible to everyone and even if you are not that good at the game you can still come and watch other people play and maybe earn gear from betting.

2. Non Ranked - A player shows up to the arena and register for a fight, anyone can come up and challenge that player. No matter the rank. This would be more of a brawl. The winner could maybe be rewarded with gear, xp or points. Maybe with boosts to different styles or maybe completed special decks.

Imagine (like the Mcgregor vs Mayweather fight) you had like two really famous streamers scheduled to fight in the pit and all other players could come to the pit to watch and maybe bet on the fight. This would be epic.

This could really breathe in more life in the game and keep players interested.


  • Agreed. I think the instanced fighting has its own charm but scheduled arena matches with spectators and a physical place to pilgrim to would be dope.
  • I would definitely make a point to watch something like this in game, and it would be super fun to participate in too
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