Would like to see new fighting styles maybe influenced by Bruce Lee or maybe muay Thai.
Also some new areas(snow/desert?) and new bosses.
New weaponry and armor would be a plus too.

What would other players like to see?


  • Thanks so much for your feedback! All these ideas sound interesting. We really appreciate you sharing and will definitely keep these in mind when working on any future updates.
  • edited September 2017
    I'm a big fan of Chinese martial arts, so I would love to see some traditional styles like Five Animals, Shaolin, or Wing Chun. Some additional biomes would be awesome as well
  • Before we see new gear and styles.
    We need more things to do.

    As it stands basic pvp gets right dull after a while and simply wandering the world also soon wears thin
  • There's definitely tons of Wing Chun and Muay Thai already in the game.
  • yep! its interesting to try and make them blend well
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