A slightly more detailed map and more customizable gear

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I'm not saying that the game needs a map that highlights every single twist and turn in the road or reveals where all the collectible items are, but it'd be nice to have the names of each zone listed once you've discovered them and if the icon representing your current location had more of a pointed tip so as to give you an indication which direction you're facing. Just little things like that would make traversing around the world a little more accessible.

Also, do you guys plan on adding more equipment for us to customize our characters with? Cause if so that'd be awesome!


  • Yesterday I thought about this but now after 10 hours of exploring, I think the map is pretty small and I can find my way easily.
  • I found that exploring for a while, finding altars and seeing where the green dot moved was enough to orient myself. It is a little tricky identifying which direction is North however.
  • Is it indeed relatively easy to orientate yourself for now as there is few regions, however I don't know if it will remain the same later if they add more places. Maybe as Nicodemus said writing the name of the regions to be able to realise where you are on the map, for now it is just 2 big portions with no more details, not knowing which district is where.
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