Expand keyboard and mouse controller customization

A sorely needed feature is double tap a key to dash, also the mouse deadzone needs to be able to be adjusted. Having to move my mouse left or right 3cm to actually register a parry is really really annoying. Mousepad's dont extend forever ya know.


  • I have to agree.

    It is very frustrating not being able to set full keybinds. Lots of similar feedback on Steam reviews.
  • yea not all have ps3-4 conttrolers...we wanna change bind of everythink !
  • who is genius to bind on mouse dodge and parry ?
  • The inability to change the stance keybindigs while using a azerty layout keyboard is gamebreaking for me.
  • Same for me, Snow.. That's really borring, i'v to buy a xbox shit for pvp and react properly :/
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