Honourable battles

I always start a pvp battle by bowing just out of interest how many of you do the same or do charge straight in ?


  • For me it just depends on the situation, out in the open world I just start fighting whoever I meet. In the trials I bow
  • I'm kind of the opposite. I bow in the open world as a way to say "Lets fight" but in the trials I just thumbs-up; not sure why, it just feels right.
  • I wait and see what the other person does mostly then if they don't I bow.

    Out in the open world I've mostly just been punch in the side of the head and then "if" I win I bring them back and leave lol.
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    I do a thumbs up at the beginning of the match and all good matches after. But sometimes a player will try to shockwave me off a cliff, so after I kick their butt I do the "no no"
  • i bow


    ill also work you into a corner, fold my weapon away JUST to pick up your weapon and deny you it, place your weapon in a corner to lure you into wall pressure, ill finger wag after a win, ill morpheus come on emote if im owning you, ill back off from shockwaving you off a ledge repeatedly only to do it for the end of match win.

    that all said

    i always start with a bow :P
  • I always start with bow

    Unless Im fighting someone I Have fought before and I dont like them the only reason I wouldn't like them is if they have a super Spamy fast fight kit I recognize that this is a actual legitimate fighting style but I just dont like speed stun lock stuff
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