Ice Grinder War Gloves wrong value for the Kahlt

The equipment window says that they should have A damage with a Kahlt style. The meditation window shows C damage. This is not a simple display error, since the numerical value of the damage is higher with the Spike Turtle War Gloves (B scaling in the equipment and the meditation menus).


  • Hey Solipso,

    Would it be possible to take a screenshot of what you're seeing regarding those gloves (both the equipment and the meditation windows), as well as confim on which platform you are playing ?

    Thanks a lot for your help!
  • edited September 2017
    I play on the PC. No need for a screenshot and I need to apologize for my mistake. I thought that the damage from the weapon depends on the chosen style of the character, but I already realized that it is attached specifically to the style of strikes. Therefore it is logical that the second option gives B scaling.
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