Update on Online stability, Region lock and PS4-related save issues

Online stability

We are aware that some players are facing big lag issues, preventing them from enjoying the online experience in Absolver.
We apologize for the rocky start, the team is working night and day to improve this. We have a couple of major fixes in the works, which should be deployed next week and should improve these issues. Thank you for your patience!

Region Lock

We are working on updating our system to allow players to invite their friends to their game session, even if they are in a different region. More news on this should come next week.

PS4 crashes creating corrupted saves

After investigating, unfortunately, saves that have been corrupted are not recoverable. We are working on fixing the crashes that resulted in corrupted saves and are thanking all the players who took the time to discuss with us and send more infos on this topic.
In the meantime, we advise you to activate the Saved Data in Online Storage on your PlayStation 4.

Oceania Servers

Oceanian servers will be deployed by Friday, which should dramaticaly improve online performances in this region. Sorry for the delay; other regional servers will be deployed in the near future to ensure an optimal experience worldwide.

We set up two email addresses so you can send us any issue you encounter in both PC and PS4:
PC: support_pc@sloclap.com
PS4: support_ps4@sloclap.com

You can also join us and the community in the official forums.

Please be assured that the whole team is 100% committed to fixing these issues so that everyone can have a great experience in Absolver.
More news on these important topics will be coming soon!

We thank you for your support.
Sloclap team