Absolver: Patch 1.16 in two weeks !

Hi everyone,

The upcoming 1.16 Update is being finalized, we are still working on a few bugs, and making sure the release is as stable as possible. Our objective is to release this update on Monday, March 26th.
In the meantime, we wanted to give you all some more information on this upcoming update. You’ll find a list of new features below, and of course, when the patch is actually rolled out, we will provide more details on bugfixes and balancing, following the beta tests that were organized these past few weeks!

Please note that besides this update, the whole team is hard at work making awesome new content for Absolver. We will communicate on this soon after the 1.16 update is rolled out – we’re looking forward to sharing our plans in more details!

All the best,
Sloclap Team

New Content

Equipment and Essence Shop

The upcoming update will introduce new features which are often requested:

  • Change your Character’s appearance (sex, skin, hair type and hair color) by spending Crystals
  • Change your 1v1 introduction cinematic with new animations to buy in the Essence Shop
  • Create equipment presets, with copy/paste feature, for more efficient Fabsolving.
  • Preview Equipment in the Essence Shop before buying
  • Dye your masks (not available with all masks)
  • Open up to 100 Rift Coins/Disks in a single button press

Other quality of life improvements will be featured in the 1.16 update, such as the ability to copy/paste decks in your deck selection menu, making it easier to refine and iterate on your favorite decks. Also, new remapping options will be available to all players.

School Update v1

The 1.16 update will feature the first steps in the updates we want to make to the School system (there will be more school-related features in the next updates).

  • Mentors will now be able to update their School content (Combat Deck and rewards) by spending one crystal.
  • Players will be able to leave a School directly, without having to join a new one
  • Hayen will have a “Find School by ID” feature
  • Players will be able to learn attacks from their school decks by using them against enemies
  • School’s leaderboard will be accessible from the School menu

New Gear and 3v3 Maps

Two new 3v3 maps will be introduced, as well as five new character sets (see below), new hairstyles, and plenty of new masks. The new equipment will be found in the shop or in Rift Coins and Rift Disks.