Absolver Official Production Update

Since update 1.07 we’ve been busy on online stability fixes and optimisations, as well as preparing cool new stuff to come soon, here are some news from the studio!

What’s up now


  • We pushed a couple of server-side updates recently, to fix issues with Combat Trials disconnections, loadings, and teleports.
  • Also pushed a small 30 Mb client-side patch last Friday, to fix recurrent issues with GOG/Steam crossplay
  • We’re currently working on another patch focused on other online improvements, it is now being tested and should be rolled out in the next few days for everybody.
  • Anticheat is also being worked on

What’s up next

Content Updates

A big content update should be deployed at the end of the month, and will come with some additions we know you guys have been waiting for!

  • Better inventory: easier to manage, you’ll have new tools to sort and get rid of what you don’t want
  • We’ll also give you new way to get gear and fill up your inventory. To celebrate, new equipment will also be thrown in the mix!
  • Reassign attribute points, and other fixes and surprises!

Technical Feedback

A technical update will be pushed in a couple of days, we’ll send a feedback survey – it will be very useful for us to have the best possible view of the current situation and players’ feelings regarding the state of the game, so it would be great if you could fill it out!

More news soon!
Sloclap team