Absolver Mask Design Contest: Sloclap winner and community votes begins!

Hi everyone,

We finally got around checking all the wonderful submissions made by the community during our Mask Design Contest. Thanks a lot for your participation, we were thrilled by your enthusiasm and the huge number of submissions made.

Chosing a winner was not easy given all the quality designs made, and we apologize for the time we took before making this announcement!

You’ll find in this post the Sloclap winner, to be integrated in game, and also a link to the Community Votes form so you can participate in the selection of the Community Winners!

Without further ado, you’ll find below the Sloclap Winner’s Design and Lore.

Congratulations to Kizza and his Ripan Lord Mask! The mask will be made and integrated in-game in a later patch.



Item Description: Cowl of this mask is practical against both, storms of the Ripan desert and prying eyes.

Additionnal details: Adorned with gold medalions, it probably belonged to a wealthy induvidual. Thoughts on the Design/Lore: Mask that is designed to compliment the Ripan Lord Scarf as well as add a new hood option to fabsolver The Lord Scarf and Desert Linen Duster both mention belonging to rich people, since item descriptions don’t seem to be omniscient, I thought it would be fun to hint that the scarf and this mask actually belonged to assassins of Ripa, having desert origins like the real Hassassin. However these items would be commonly mistaken of belonging to merchants and such, because of the gold accompaniments, which actually would be marks of success and accomplishment for the assassin. So edgy. Main elements of the mask are the cowl hood, and the chain of medallions that hangs off one side and would ideally be physics active. Materials being same as Ripan Lord Scarf, various gold in game, and simple masks such as Rysrin’s.


Community Votes on Mask Designs

Every mask we saw was really creative and we struggled to choose our top 10 for you guys to vote on, so much so that we expanded it to 30 and put them into categories so we could fit even more of them in!

Voting will end on Sunday April 8th, and we’ll announce the three winners shortly after the end of the voting phase. You can vote at this link here:

Due to some limitations with Typeform, the lore associated with each mask is only partially visible, so if you’d like to read more into the lore of each mask you can see all of it here:

Best of luck to all of you who made it to the community voting round, and another massive thank you to all who took part.