Absolver: Enter Beta Testing this weekend

Hi everyone,

This weekend, we are going to run an open beta for all Absolver Steam players, it will be accessible via the “Beta” tab, in the “Properties” of Absolver in Steam. No code is required to access the Beta. You can already enter the branch, we will update you as soon as the beta build is downloadable. Please note that the current build in the Beta branch is not the one with the new changes.


The objective of this beta is to test some changes to the combat gameplay, gather feedback and data, and finally validate or not these changes for the next official patch.

The main changes are :

  • Speed of the fight : a good number of attacks had their Start-Up decreased. We did that to also have a better distribution of attacks in term of speed.
  • Flow of the fight : parried stun has been decreased. The other special abilities have also been tweaked accordingly (more info in the upcoming patch note!)
  • Buff of Stopping attacks
  • Tweaks and fixes on attacks target and movement
  • Nerf of fast attacks in term of stamina cost

The full list of gameplay changes for the Beta will be posted by Friday on the official Absolver website. Stay tuned!

The beta servers will be opened at the following times:
Friday 16th:

  • Europe: 5pm > 9pm UTC
  • US: 6pm > 10pm EST

Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th and Monday 19th:

  • Europe: 5pm > 9pm UTC
  • US: 6pm > 10pm EST
  • Singapore: 6pm > 10pm UTC+8
  • Sidney: 6pm > 10pm UTC+11

Please come and try out these changes with your friends during the week-end!
Both the data we will gather from these games and the feedback we will receive in various forms will be very useful to us, allowing us to determine whether these changes actually have the expected impact and improve the core gameplay. Join us in the official Discord and Forums!


All the best,
Sloclap Team