Absolver 1.25 Patch Note

Hi everyone,

First of all, we need to apologize to the PC players who encountered Equipment disappearing issues on Friday night and Saturday. This issue was solved in the first hotfix this weekend, but we are unfortunately unable to give back to everyone the exact content lost, so we decided to award all PC and PS4 players 10k fragments and 10 crystals as compensation. You will find them added to your character when connecting after this patch. Sorry again to all players who have lost items and rewards recently. We’ve also been working on improving the Downfall experience this last week, you’ll find below all the details for this patch.

Please make sure your game is up to date to avoid this weekend’s bug

One equipment bug is still occuring in specific conditions

If, when buying and equipping a new gear, you notice it disappear from your equipment list: don’t unequip it and wait for the 1.26 patch!

We got reports and saves from players who lost all their equipment when coming back to the game after a long break. Those players will receive another compensation with the upcoming 1.26 patch we’re currently working on. Details will be communicated with the patch.

Hotfixed earlier

We made two tiny patches over the weekend to fix the two issues below

  • Save files compatibility conflict has been resolved
  • Items disappearing from the inventory after closing/restarting the game has been resolved

1.25 Patchnote


  • Fixed a graphical issue appearing after a successful avoid
  • Fixed a graphical issue linked to the Shadow Avoid power
  • Fixed an issue where Earthquake, Shockwave, Gravity and Snatcher had extra stun frames
  • Fixed an issue with the input stack duration
  • Fixed a range issue on Crushing Palm
  • Mill Punch first hit is now Light instead of Medium
  • Fixed an issue where the Faejin Special Ability could use the Stagger Special Ability
  • Spinning Flute attack can now be added in Wargloves deck


  • Tear Commander set has been added to the shop
  • Karshi Leader set has been added to the shop
  • Emotes issues with buying/equipping/appearing have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where an item named Arcell 3 would be looted


  • School Combat Style Experience not being validated have been fixed
  • Fixed victory count in School Challenges
  • Added tiers colors in Leaderboard rows

Downfall mode

  • AIs shouldn’t get stuck in impossible to reach situations
  • Fixed a Gleam level display issue in Downfall Reward Screen


  • Added Faejin idle animation in the Appearance Customization menu
  • Fixed various visual glitches in menus and updated Social icons
  • Fixed a scrolling issue in the Social Menu / Friends
  • Fixed various text/localization issues
  • Fixed the “sort items” issue when browsing with the mouse
  • Fixed a sound issue where the music would stop during the fight with Arcell
  • Optimized cloth on gear to lower initialization delays, especially on PS4
  • Collision issues in both the World and Downfall mode have been fixed