3v3 Beta: Useful information

Useful information

When to play the 3v3 Beta

Saturday 25th
Europe: 5pm > 9pm UTC
US: 6pm > 10pm UTC-5

Sunday 26th
Europe: 5pm > 9pm UTC
US: 6pm > 10pm UTC-5
Singapore: 6pm > 10pm UTC+8
Sidney: 6pm > 10pm UTC+11

How to get into the Beta Branch

Reminder: The Beta is available for all Absolver Steam owners

To get into the Beta Branch, it is pretty easy, just follow the steps below once the beta has opened (the branch won’t be available until then):

  • In your Steam Library, right click on Absolver
  • Hit the “Properties” menu
  • In the window that popped, please go to the “Betas” tab
  • In the first list, select the “Beta” branch (see picture below)
  • Once it’s done, you can launch the game :)

About the saves

You can copy and paste your main save folder content in the newly created “Beta” folder, once you have launched the Beta game at least once (so the branch folder and its corresponding save folders are created).

Please note that we do not recommend using your Beta save in the actual game, during Beta or once it is over: compatibility issues can occur.
In any case, we recommend backing up your save if you want to use it in the 3v3 Beta.

Technical issues

Please remember that the 3v3 Game Mode is still in Beta and that issues may occur.

A Technical Feedback form has been set up, you’ll find the link below :). Please fill in the form once you have played the Beta to send us feedback


Join the Discord server and 3v3 room!

Our communication efforts this weekend will be primarily focused on Discord, do not hesitate to join us :)